Contrex VoIP

Why choose Contrex VoIP?

Contrex VoIP is a premium internet phone service with a five nines uptime guarantee.

Development work started in 2008 and the Contrex Platform has now become an award winning VoIP system with thousands of satisfied customers across the UK and further afield.

Contrex is hosted in two datacentres. The main site is Enfield with a backup at Welwyn Garden City.

We believe you’ll find Contrex feature rich and that it’ll help with your organisation’s productivity, efficiency and management. Below are just a few of the many features.

  • Dual device extensions for Working From Home (WFH)
  • Call Recording
  • Time of Day routing
  • Auto Attendants
  • Voicemail to EMail
  • Call monitoring
  • Hot desking
  • Call queuing
  • Call announcements

Grandstream GRP 2612
Gigaset C430 DECT


(This is a time limited offer for new customers)

Pricing is based on a simple per extension basis. Other features such as Auto Attendants, Groups and Queues may be extra depending on your specific system configuration.

All extensions come with an unlimited UK landline and mobile calls bundle.

“No contract” at just £9.99 per month per extension

“No contract” is the perfect choice if you have you own IP phones that can be repurposed or you want to source your own. (But check compatibility with us first).

Alternatively you may not want to have physical phones but instead use a softphone App such as “GS Wave” or “Counterpath Bria” on your mobile, tablet, PC or Laptop.

“No contract” means you can cease the service at any time without penalty.

Three year deal” at just £11.99 per month per extension

If you want us to supply the phones then we’ll offer you this three year deal to include their cost. Examples phones are the Grandstream GRP 2612 or Gigaset C430 DECT phone shown here. (Images for illustration purposes only).

Something different?

There are many makes and models of phone that have been tested and are Certified as being compatible with Contrex. If you have a specific requirement then talk to us and we’ll find you the best deal.

Prices exclude VAT. Terms and Conditions including our Fair Use Policy for Unlimited Call Bundles are available on our Regulatory page.